top end

  1. davemath

    WSM Gasket Top end gasket kit on my 951 1mm / 4 over bore - Whats inside?

    So I went the route of a 1mm over bore to fix the OEM piston ring and RAVE crash scoring on my 951 RX DI. I bought the WSM platinum pistons and their WSM top-end gasket kit. I put it all together by mimicking the installation on the parts from what I removed from the OEM head on the ski. I...
  2. f15radar

    Can this cylinder be used?

    I finally got around to doing the top end for my 657x. I was going to hone (for new rings) the cylinder, but after cleaning it up I notice a gouge. I already bought the top end kit so I can't have the cylinder bored. Can I use this cylinder or am I going to have to get it re-sleeved or buy a...
  3. A

    96 XP with 787 engine - Water in lower end of engine while doing top end...

    Hi, looking for some advice. My 96XP 787 engine suddenly died at full throttle. I took apart the top end to see the damage with engine still in hull. The PTO rave valve hit the piston ring which killed the compression. No damage to piston wall, but the ring melted to the piston. Compression...
  4. K

    Top End Rebuild- Need an experienced evaluation!!

    Hey guys, Well, with the 130psi compression on my cylinders, I decided it would be a good idea to rebuild this thing. Taking it apart was A LOT easier than I anticipated. I guess getting it back together will be the challenge! Haha. Anyways, I took pictures along the way, and would like...
  5. J

    wrist Pins needle bearings, HELP!

    I was using a improvised wrist pin puller and exploded the pins everywhere. I have been fishing in and around the engine with a magnet for hours. Does any one know exactly how many pins there are? 33,34,35?????? THX
  6. C

    !!!!1997 speedster piston size help!!!!!

    rebuiding my top end and getting the cylinders redone too. the std piston is 82mm the cylinder shop suggested 82.5mm for one engine and 83.5 for the other engine. however the pistons for these only go up to 83mm unless i go with a weisco big bore piston. Will i be fine with putting the big bore...
  7. P

    2000 GTX ME...lost my top end speed

    I purchased two identical 2000 GTX Millenium Edition skis with the 947 engine about 6 months ago and they have been running fine. On Saturday, we took them out and cruised for about 30 minutes. On the way back home, I opened mine up to full throttle and it started running rough and topped out...
  8. L

    94 SPI engine studders at full throttle

    OK, I hope someone can help me out here, This problem occurs only at top end. Everything runs ok at idle and midrange. Will only run aprox. 25 mph as opposed to 40 that it use to run. I've dis-assembled the carb, cleaned it, and put it back on. That did nothing. I then took a carb off my...
  9. P

    1997 seadoo 800 xp

    For the past few years the jet ski hasnt been running right. Me and my dad have been cleaning it up. So far we have cleaned the carbeurator,replaced the trim module, new plugs, and we took the slack out of the throttle cable. It has all good fuel also*. MY dad said it use to always go around 62...