1997 seadoo 800 xp

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For the past few years the jet ski hasnt been running right. Me and my dad have been cleaning it up. So far we have cleaned the carbeurator,replaced the trim module, new plugs, and we took the slack out of the throttle cable. It has all good fuel also*. MY dad said it use to always go around 62 mph but i can only get it to go about 53 mph.Im ushually pretty good with things like this even though im only fifteen but this i dont know what the problem is. My guess is that the 1997 didnt come with a stainless steel impeller so i think ours is corroded hence not enough thrust. Is there any gaskets or cups near the impeller that probally need replacing? and will a new stainless steal propeller effect the proformance if it does not solve the problem? like faster acceleration and lower top end? because i know there is weight differences which mess things up. So some feedback would be great. im open to all suggestions and info.
Thanks, Pete
i think the problem might be cavitation , so i think i would need a new wear ring and impeller. any support?
The 97 xp has a stainless impeller. The speedometer is I. Accurate and gets worse with age. Wear ring may need replacing.
but could the wear ring really cause that big of a difference in speed, i mean we are talking about 10 mph. and i dont think the speedometer is off cause i race my buddy and he sais hes going 49 and im like right there next to him. and how complicated is the wear ring to replace? its only like 50 bucks for the part itself; correct?
yeah, you can get them for like 35$ on sbt. i would take a flashlight and look right into your pump nossle and check the clearance between the impeller and the wear ring. should hardly be any. look for chunks taken out of it more importantly. if you are cavitating, its more then likely a wear ring/impeller problem but high speed cavitation is rare. you should try cleaning your rave valves if your having top speed problems.
im guessing you are talking about the carbeurator.and how hard is it to take the entire carb out of the ski? is it like a whole day project or like 2 hours?im not exactly sure what the rave valves are
im not exactly sure what i actully have to clean on the rave valves. in the tutorial that guy ripped like that whole engine apart and i didnt really understand hah
Just take the caps off and clean/check components. Then remove the two Allen bolts at the bottom to remove the valve slides and o-ring. Clean all the carbon, etc. and put back together. Pay attention to orientation of the slides and make sure to get them back in properly along with the o-rings.
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