starter motor

  1. rhonus

    starter motor advice needed (Gsx 1997)

    Hi Guy's To cut a long story short. I sank my ski, cleaned it out with WD40 and got it running again. When testing it on water it ran for a while (not at full power) then conked out and wouldn't restart. I put it into a dealer to fix it and they blew the engine and washed their hands of it...
  2. cuenta

    seadoo starter motor

    I wondering if the 720 starter motor fit with the 800 thank guys
  3. B

    No crank on starboard motor 98 challenger 1800 w/ 787

    PLEASE HELP So i have a 98 challenger 1800 w/ twin 787 and can not get the starboard motor to crank over. We were out tubing for the day and had no problems all day. Last ride before we were going in i went to start the motor and got nothing but a click. got the port side motor to turn over fine...