1. AnviL Man

    Where does this part go?

    Where does this go? I found it laying on the floor on the port side of the engine bay.
  2. H

    Fearful post here- winterization....

    Well... short story is that we had some really bad situations that is too much to go into on here lol. Bottom line is the 01 islandia (240efi merc) did not get winterized last fall and we have had the worst winter in 40 years (figures). I am scared to death on what has happened- have not...
  3. O

    oil pump return spring broken '96 GSX

    '96 GSX - Is there such thing as a replacement return spring for the oil pump? I can't seem to find one - just a replacement oil pump for $150+ Seems like an expensive way to get a spring... I guess I could switch over to premix, but with two GSX's, having one premix, one not... or switch them...
  4. M

    Need Help Finding a Part!

    I have a 1992 Seadoo SP, single carb, 587 motor and I need to find a spring for my oil injection pump. It is part #29 on the diagram. http://www.imagessite.com/OEM_Images/seadoo_images/5805B10.gif Much appreciated! -Matt
  5. E

    2005 3d oil pump lost "springback"

    Please bear with me. I feel like a complete fool. Had our 2005 3D out this weekend. As usual, it ran perfectly. Got home and one of the kids pointed out that the throttle was a little harder to pull than in the past. No problem Dad will spray some silicone into the cable up near the...
  6. L

    96 challenger 787 carb needle/seat help

    Can anyone tell me what the correct stock needle and seat size is for these carbs? 1.5mm or 2.0? Also, which spring is correct for stock? Lastly, does anyone know if I can use a MityVac to test pop-off?
  7. L

    96 Challenger Pump Cone Help

    Please see my other post regarding my test run results. Long story short, I am getting an intermittant loud/rattle vibration noise in and out of the water while at idle. I removed the pump and changed all the bearings yesterday and the problem is still there. While I had it apart, I...