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  1. To2d

    99 speedster Sk seized engine help. FIX or Sell ???

    Hello Seadoo 2 stroke boaters. THIS IS A SAD ONE :cry: Over the summer I was out with the family having fun on the lake and an engine cutout. and would not even turn over to start back up. I took the boat to a well reviewed and reputable PWC and boat shop in the area. I had never dealt with...
  2. To2d

    Speedster SK “Not Right”

    Seadoo Pros and PWC detectives... I need your help!!! Back story: A few weeks ago we took our 99 speedster SK to the lake and it was running GREAT until it ran low on gas from taking the kids tubing all day. I took my buddy's gas cans to the local lakes gas station and filled them up. boat ran...
  3. T

    1999 speedster sk one engine won't start

    Hey i have a 1999 speedster sk that i was out on riding perfect than i stopped had a few beers tried to start it back up right engine started.right up than i try the left there was nothing no clicking nothing and when i tried to start it my gauges all flat lined like it was sucking power but...
  4. T

    mod's? 1999 speedster sk twin 718's

    I just bought this 99 speedster sk and I really like it but id like to give it a bit more power and I dont really know what my options are. Can anyone give me a few ideas
  5. G

    Swapping 4-Tec into 2000 Speedster

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forums so I am not sure if anyone else has asked this. I have not been able to find any more information regarding a swap. Basically I have a Speedster SK with the 210 Merc. I bought the boat without the motor pretty cheap. I am thinking about swapping in the newer...
  6. A

    1999 speedster sk power issues

    Having issues with one engine seems to not have full power with take off. Can't pull up skier. Once boat levels off then ok. We have owned this from the start. Never have had any issues. It is almost like there are weeds in the impeller but everything checks out. Thanks for any help new to...
  7. B

    First time owner: 1999 Speedster sk? $6300?

    (The gist: is this 99 Speedster sk a good deal @ $6300?) Love this forum! I've lurked for quite some time. Seems like a pretty neat community here. I'm not new to boating, per se, but have never OWNED a boat-- Always wanted to! Scared to death to own one because I'm not especially...