1. S

    2003 RXDI digital speedometer

    The analog speedometer is working fine but the digital speedo is erratic and reads 0 mph at times. Bouncing all over the place from 27 to 52 etc while the analog stays steady. Started out riding yesterday it wasn’t working at all then when it came to life I noticed how erratic it was reading...
  2. Woodsy15

    Speed Sensor wheel on 05' Challenger 180 or speedo adjustment?

    Hey, getting near the end of season so don't know if I will get out to test this more or not before spring. The Speedo on my 05 Challenger is off reporting -12 mph (boat going 43 mph on GPS, speedo reads 28-29) Found a long lost Technical bulletin on another forum that shows on the back of the...
  3. UKGlenn

    Utopia 240hp M2 EFi Rev counter not working and Speedo intermittant

    Hi, I just wanted to ask if anyone has had the following faults before I start wading through the manuals and at the very least be able to point me in the right area. The Rev counter on my Seadoo Utopia 205 M2 efi doesn't work and the speedo intermittantly comes to life. Sounds like a...
  4. XARiUS

    Speedo Pickup/Sensor Wanted

    I am looking for a speed sensor for an 01 GTI, cant find anything on ebay, so if anyone is parting something out, i am interested. Mine is the 2 wire, but newer 3 wire (w/ lake temp) should work also. PM or reply to post.
  5. J

    99 gtx limited gauges in active

    Just joined this forum of fellow skiers for some needed help... Been stumped for days i have a 99 gtx limited that has neither the digital fuel/info center working or the analog speedo. They use to work properly and then they started working off and on while out on the water. Now both...
  6. 9

    2000 Seadoo GTX Speedometer

    I have been working on a 2000 GTX RFI and all is well, but there is moister/water in the speedometer. is there any way to take the cover off and possibly clean it or should I just replace the while speedometer and go on? Thanks Chris
  7. S

    Hello Fellow DOOers!

    New to this forum, but not new to SeaDoo Sport Boats. I own (and love) a 2000 Speedster with the 240/M2. I've had it about 5 years, and so far it has been a GREAT boat with few problems. BUT, it is getting older and requires more TLC than a newer one. What's wrong with it? Speedo...
  8. S

    08 speedster wake speedo problem

    Hi all, I bought an 08 speedster wake today and immediately got on the water. I have a few small glitches with the boat. It has perfect pass installed and the speedo seems accurate to about 25 mph, but it tops out at about 26 mph at wot. I haven't done a gps run yet, but I know we were doing...
  9. L

    WTB 1996 speedster/challenger speedometer gauge

    I'm in need of a speedo for my 96 challenger. It has to be a 96, though. If you have one, please let me know. P/N 278000742 Thanks, Jason