speed sensor

  1. Collinfox01

    01 seadoo gtx di speedometer not working

    So my speedometer won’t work. I know they aren’t that accurate but it bothers me that it doesn’t work. I have checked all the plugs and wires. I bought a new speed sensor and checked the voltage and it is in spec with the owners manual then plugged it back in. Then I pulled the panel off from...
  2. A

    VCM isnt working. No fuel or speed indication

    I just bought a 2007 Speedster 150 215hp and the dash doesn't show speed or fuel level. I traced down the cable and found previous owners had bypassed the vcm and spliced directly into the ECU white/black and white/red cables. I rewired the splice and reconnected cables form dash to VCM cables...
  3. Collinfox01

    Speedometer is spotty

    So yesterday I took out my 01 seadoo gtx. That was the first time it’s been out in two years. It ran great but sometimes the speedometer would work and sometimes it wouldn’t. I know on the speed sensor the wheel would spin. It seemed like every time the sensor was at the top of the water...
  4. 400hp302ci

    Two wire speed sensor

    I have a 97 Challenger. My speedometer was not functioning so I purchased a new speed sensor. The new speed sensor has three wires, but when I removed my original speed sensor it has only two wires. How do I wire up the three wire speed sensor into my two wire system?
  5. AnviL Man

    Lake temp sensor, 2 wire or 3 wire?

    Just trying to clear a couple things up for my own info. I have an 03' Speedster Bombardier 240 efi and I am trying to figure out if my model has a lake temp sensor? I have been googling trying to find out but I cannot figure out for sure if I have one or not or where it's located if I do have...
  6. grr02

    04 utopia speed sensor wiring

    Hi all, I have a 04 utopia 185 with the speedometer not working. I have checked the fuse and confirmed it not blown, I also confirmed this because my tach and fuel gauges work fine. I troubleshot the wires running from the fuse and reading was fine but the wires from the speed sensor was not...
  7. B

    2007 Seadoo Challenger 180 speed sensor/temp sensor

    Hi to all, I was hoping that someone could please let me know what colour wires to connect together for the speed sensor / temp sensor. I have the following 3 wires that I can see from the sensor: -Pink with orange stripe -Black with red stripe -Purple with yellow stripe And 3...