seadoo gti

  1. Riderrollin

    06 seadoo gti engine descale

    Picked up an 06 seadoo gti closed loop cooling system is full of I guess what one would call mineral deposits (white sand looking solid). COolant in the hoses is green, coolant in reserve tank is orangish color. Skit starts and rips across water over heats and enters limp mode back to shore. I...
  2. JimyIrons

    2005 Seadoo GTI Tuned pipe hole

    I was getting both my Seadoos ready for lake season... GTI LE RFI ran fine first start as usual... my GTI LE 2 stroke started no problem after third time but noticed water spewing into the engine compartment. I took the below video... looks like a hole in the tuned pipe. :( So my question is...
  3. S

    1996 seadoo gti no beep no crank

    I have a 1996 seadoo gti 717, i get no beeps when key is on post, no crank, no start no spark. Checked and replaced the harness. If i hit the start button once the oil light comes on for 33 seconds but no beeps. Replaced mpem with aftermarket no dess mpem and still no beeps and no crank. Tested...
  4. A

    Did I luck out? 2018 GTI

    Hello, First post here. I just got a 2018 Sea Doo GTI, with the 90hp engine. First time taking it out I noticed it has pretty much all the features of the GTI SE. It has VTS, and the fuel consumption gauge option as well. I do not see the GTI marketed as having these features anywhere, and the...
  5. Kwik_uk

    RESTO Unforeseen FULL resto on a 99 GTI. Picture heavy!

    TL;DR I bought a crappy GTI, now it is not a crappy GTI. So, a 1999 GTI pops up on eBay. My dad calls me about it and says it would be a fun way to get my other half into watersports, as shes a bit scared of driving my Sidewinder. Went to see the item, listed as "Works fine, just has a high...
  6. Kevinsnan

    *Calling All Seadoo 1997 Gti owners or have owned previously*

    Hi All After abit of a shakey start to the season, things are looking up. Engine now starts fine and despite some key issues now alls good. The purpose of this thread to get peoples view on the seadoo 1997 GTI. All sorts of information welcomed from bad points to fuel consumption etc...