seadoo challenger 180

  1. J

    2011 challenger 180 engine/cavitation issue

    I am not real familiar with jet boats but the last time I took out my Seadoo challenger 180 I noticed a issue. Not sure if it’s some sort of engine issue or a cavitation issue. Basically when the boat runs the Rpm’s fluctuate. For example the engine will bounce from 4000 rpms to 3700 rpms or...

    Single chirp? And a few more questions... "chirp" "lean" "air filter" "challenger 180"

    Seadoo challenger 180 2008 When I put there's dess key in I get a single chirp and the start stop does nothing. Remove and reattach the key a few times, it works. Not a long beep but a single one chirp. I recently changed my starter solenoid because it was failing just in case this comes up...
  3. 123457

    96 Seadoo challenger clicks with no start

    Hi there !!! We recently purchased a used 1996 seadoo challenger according to the last owner he has had no problems with it. we are coming into in 2 weeks of owning it and are getting a clicking when trying to start. We took it out on the lake 2 times and both times we had to be pulled in: 1st...
  4. Danno115

    FOR SALE For Sale - 2010 Challenger 180 215 HP

    2010 Seadoo Challenger 180 215 HP with 94 hours. Runs strong and needs nothing. Includes trailer with upgraded bunks, led lights, new bearings and fresh tires. Boat is in excellent condition with normal wear and tear. Some nicks and scratches and some wear on vinyl with a torn seam that can be...
  5. V

    P1520 error code

    Hi, i have a 2007 Seadoo Challenger 180SE, and i was hoping someone would help me figure out my problem. As soon as the boat reaches about 3000rpms starts beeping and gives a code for P1520 and check oil light comes up. Read that it might be the oil pressure switch and i replaced it, but the...
  6. B

    2007 Seadoo Challenger 180 speed sensor/temp sensor

    Hi to all, I was hoping that someone could please let me know what colour wires to connect together for the speed sensor / temp sensor. I have the following 3 wires that I can see from the sensor: -Pink with orange stripe -Black with red stripe -Purple with yellow stripe And 3...