seadoo 96 xp800

  1. Jason997

    96 Seadoo XP gas mileage?

    Just curious on gas mileage of a 96 Seadoo XP, i know Seadoo Source ( says it consumes 11.7 gallons an hour at WOT but I'm curious what i would be a say 30mph or what ever its cruise speed is. Thanks in advance Jason.
  2. M

    Refurbishing tips on 1996 xp and 1996 spx

    I just recently got a 96xp and a 96 spx and am looking to refurbish both of them. They look ok and I got them for $400. Any tips on what I should do to refurbish the skis and what process I should use. I should also mention that these are my first ever skis.
  3. W

    96 XP 800 X4 problems (we need experts to help)

    I have a 96 800 xp and it slows down when turning left as well it doesnt come out of the hole like it should. PLEASE HELP!:willy_nilly: