sea doo gtx

  1. A

    1997 seadoo gtx getting too much oil in one cylinder

    I have a 1997 seadoo GTX with a 787 motor getting too much oil in one cylinder. It starts once but sounds rough and smokes a LOT. The second time it turns but does not start. After pulling the plugs, one is soaked in oil. Any help on how to fix this is appreciated.
  2. S

    GTX Oil Leak

    Hi all! My wife has a 1994, maybe 95, Sea Doo GTX Bombadier. Looks exactly like this one... It has a newer motor, possibly 2-3 years old rebuilt, and had some recent starter replacement this past summer. New...
  3. Hotrod36

    '98 Seadoo hesitation and bogging and hull filling with water

    I am new to jet skis and everything been riding motorcycles for about 7 years now. I just bought this 1998 Seadoo GTX Limited 951 and have a couple problems. Problem 1: Bike runs fine in idle and light throttle, but when trying to get it to plane out it will hesitate and sometimes bog down...
  4. S

    2003 Sea Doo GTX DI Maintenance Light Problem (NEED HELP)!

    If anyone has any ideas I am listening... After taking my 2003 Sea Doo GTX DI jet ski to an authorized Sea Doo Dealer at a nearby marina. I came home to test my PWC and had the same problem. The jet ski starts the first time every day the user gets on it and functions perfectly for hours... The...