1. pantaloonz

    On 2nd Build -- The incredible Missing Screw

    Good day all, hope everyone is well, been a while since I posted. I'm on my 2nd Rebuild, -- got an engine winch, corrected a couple of minor issues with first build -- Running Great! (better than I expected even) So I'm on my 2nd build, this time I labeled each hose and connection for really...
  2. James_bond12

    screw for carb check valve 96 XP

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anybody knows what size the screw is that holds the check valve on my 96 XP's carb (picture from the parts catalog attached). I tried taking it out but it rusted to the little block and it ended up getting stripped so I don't want to reuse it.
  3. sethsmind

    Tuned pipe - 1996 GTX - Special Tool?

    Do I need a special tool to remove the 1 bolt that you can't see?
  4. T

    1503 Engine CranckCase need to know witch tool use to remove those

    Hi guys, Are these bolt cover or really bolt ? Do you know with tool to use, seams to have a lot of tork thanks
  5. XARiUS

    Im screwed, literally.

    Welp, I am rebuliding my GTI and found a screws between the rotary valve cover and valve, check out the damage below, its pretty deep too. Wondering what I can do to get it back into working order. Can these parts be machined? How about some high grade metal filler? Any advise on were to go...
  6. B

    1996 GTI - What screw do I need, it fell out?

    Had a great weekend with my two 96' GTI's. However, one of them started bogging and surgeing towards the end of the weekend. At first I thought it was the old Grey fuel line issues, which I have already ordered hose and clamps and had that on my list of things to do, but I figured I'd be good...
  7. A

    Stripped Regulator Block Screw Insde Of Carb

    Title says it all, I was doing my first ever carb rebuild following qstorms guide and I stripped one of the regulator block screws and the other one is really rusted. No idea where to go from here. Should I use PB blaster on the rusted screw? What should I do to remove the stripped screw without...