salt water

  1. JustSteve

    Jet Pump Wear Ring Replacement on Salt Water SPI - Salt Damage

    After spending the better part of the weekend pulling the pump and replacing the wear ring, I put together a video that shows exactly why you want to buy used parts from a freshwater machine. Everything worked out fine, but I'm not sure that I want to work that hard again for a jet pump...
  2. bdstain

    2012 Sea Doo Challenger 180 - salt water

    I currently own a 04 Sportster and we are looking for a little bit bigger boat. I found a 2012 Challenger 180 with about 60 hours on it. I am in Michigan and the boat is in North Carolina. My local Sea Doo dealer says all salt water boats are "junk" and I shouldn't even consider it. The...
  3. S

    2000 sea doo gtx millenium edition

    I inspected my impeller and there is alot of surface rust. I removed the jet pump and took a closer look at the impeller. Its in good shape no cracks or nicks on the edges just the rust. Should I clean off the rust or should I just upgrade the impeller to a aftermarket. The wear ring isnt in bad...
  4. D

    2009 GTX Wake 215 salt water maintenance

    Hi guys I've been searching through the forums but I'm struggling to get a solid plan in place for taking my GTX offshore in the salt water, it is supercharged and intercooled, please could you help me: 1) What prep do I need to do before I take the PWC out in salt water, if any? 2)...
  5. B

    Owner Operator... in addition to comedy of errors.

    Well hello everybody... my first post. Was hoping it would not be user error, but alas, here we are. As you read this, please feel free to laugh at me, as I've already gotten myself to a point where I can laugh... was a stretch, but I'm there now. Setup: So I picked up a brand new 2012...
  6. T

    Islandia advice

    Hi All, Hope you can help. I am considering a used Islandia (240HP) to use in a water sports business to take folks on snorkel trips. I like the boat because of the great design and large seating capacity (12). My concern is that I am in the Caribbean on the small island of St Kitts. We do...