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    Where to start?

    A little bit about me to start with I'm new to the forum and to all forms of water craft. I'm 27 live in Scotland and although I have no experience with these I'm fairly handy with cars and bikes so hopefully some of that will help. Ok so a guy I went to school with was selling a jet ski...
  2. A

    2004 Speedster 200 fluctuating

    Any help would be appreciated. I have a 2004 speester 200 with twin 155 hp motors. Not supercharged. Consistently after 30 minutes running the port motor will start fluctuating. If I keep running it will eventually turn off. Took it to the dealer and they said its kicking a MAF code but said its...
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    94 XP wont stay running, Please Help before the wife leaves me!

    Im new to this site, have posted my problem on others with no actual help. I have a 94 SeeDoo XP. It ran great until my wife took it out with a friend one evening. She couldnt get it started, which I dont think has anything to do with it bc she can never get it started. so I started it up...
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    2003 Seadoo GTX-DI running problems

    I have a 2003 Seadoo GTX-DI and it has been running 3000-3500 rpm it starts to sputter. Maintenance light flicks on, but stops once you drop back to 3000 rpm. Cleaned the rav values,changed plug, and cleaned the fuel injectors, and it still does the same thing. Reaches top speed of...
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    2001 Bombardier GS slipping/popping at higher RPM's

    Ever since I bought this ski, I have had issues with it. I have changed out the starter motor twice and been through a ton of batteries troubleshooting. that I got all that done, it only seems to run well at low RPM's, about half throttle. After that point, I can hear a popping...