rpm limited

  1. Phuck_boi

    96 Seadoo Challenger won’t rev past 5500 rpm

    I’ve spent hours browsing this forum and people do not post conclusions of how they fixed this issue. Boat intermittently hits 6800 rpm and now I cannot get it past 5500. It will get on plane and hit over 30mph but when it runs like it’s supposed to it’s closer to 6800 at 45mph. I’ve rebuilt...
  2. B

    2003 Seadoo GTX 4-tec

    I have a 2003 Seadoo GTX 4-tec and i have had it for about two years now. it starts up perfectly fine and when i try to start going it wont go above about 20 mph and the rpm's are redlining and then the oil light comes on and starts beeping really loud and i cant remember if i turn it off or it...
  3. T

    99 GTXrfi won't rev until after 5 minutes

    My 99 GTXrfi is having an issue that has me stumped. When I started it up last week it would not rev over 3300 for a while. Then it started intermittently revving for a while, then finally it ran at full revs fine, so I thought I had blown out the problem. Yesterday, it did the same thing...