2003 Seadoo GTX 4-tec

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I have a 2003 Seadoo GTX 4-tec and i have had it for about two years now. it starts up perfectly fine and when i try to start going it wont go above about 20 mph and the rpm's are redlining and then the oil light comes on and starts beeping really loud and i cant remember if i turn it off or it turns itself off. And it also seems like it doesn't have enough power to go. but when i let it idle for about 20 minutes and then i try and go again it goes perfectly fine. i feel like there is something wrong with the oil line. and i keep checking the oil and its perfectly fine. any suggestions on what i should do?
thank you
What are the rpm's exactly? Redlining doesn't tell me anything, as there's not a red line on the tach.

When was the oil and filter last changed? Have you changed them since this issue began? For all you know the filter is stopped up and collapsing (it's happened before to people!). Where is the oil on the stick? It should be in the middle of the bend of the stick, not the top of the bend nor the bottom of the bend but right smack in the middle. What does the oil look like it should be pretty clear if it's milky (water in the oil) or black (old oil) that'd be a bad sign.

What oil line are you referring to? I know of no particular oil line on the 4TEC engine (and I had mine out of the hull all in pieces I've held every single part in my hand while putting it back together). The engine has 2 oil pumps 1 in the front and 1 in the rear each has a suction screen but they should be fine in theory unless something else has gone severely wrong.

- Michael
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