1. val-e-vue

    Piston Rings - 98 GTX Limited

    Using "right" and "left" as your options, please identify the target location (i.e. top and bottom) of each ring in the photo? Example: Left is top and right is bottom. Thanks, Gregg
  2. B

    New Rings, Break-in?

    I have read a lot about how to break-in a new motor or even new piston and rings.... Are the steps any different if the cylindars were only honed, same pistons, and new rings? I am finishing up the install of new rings on my Seadoo XP 587. The existing sleeves and pistons are from SBT; I...
  3. 9

    Compression Help

    I have a 1997 Seadoo GTS with a 717 engine: So i was having some problems with my jetski and I took the top end apart and found that my PTO piston Rings had a little rust on them so I replaced the ring and then put a new gasket kit on the top end the only thing I didn't do was have the walls...
  4. 9

    piston rust

    I have a 717 engine and I was getting it ready for the upcoming season and while doing so I noticed that the piston were locked up so I sprayed some fog oil down onto the piston till I got them free... now everything is moving freely but I noticed what sounds like a scratching sound in the...
  5. A

    787 piston ring replacement

    okay waterdogs i need help. my gsx has no compression on the front cyl and i need some tips to replace the rings. do i need to take out the motor (787)? and how can i block the faulty oil pump that caused this? any pictures would be very helpful...thanks guys
  6. I

    WSM pistons and rings

    It appears obvious to you pros but this is my first rebiuld on a seadoo all is great with the motor thanks to you guys. No more buttering you up..... The WSM pistons come with a ring set,but one ring is very different than the other.Has like a lip on one. So????But which is the top ring...