2001 gti rich/lean condition

    hello to all, i have a 2001 gti 720, with two issues im not quite sure how to gauge. This is a pretty gone through build light resto. Issue #1 engine bogs at 0-1/4 throttle until clear then takes off. I know its a rich condition for two reasons, if i pull choke it dies. Also i remove spring for...
  2. B

    HX Carb rebuild done. Now having a problem with gas flowing when I close the butterflys

    So...I have two new (old) skis...a 1996 HX and a 1998 XP Limited. I have rebuilt the carbs in both. I *thought* the 1996 HX (tock 717 motor) was good. I ran 3 gallons of gas through it on the first ride and it ran great. Today was the second ride. The first 20-30 minutes the ski ran great again...
  3. Shane0524

    Does this sound like a lean hesitation or a rich bog?????

    could someone please suggest if i have a lean condition? I think i am having a lean hesitation, but i am not entirely sure. It will bog/hesitate after idling for a few seconds but if you hit the throttle just after running hard i won't bog/hesitate. It will even stall if you hit the throttle...
  4. C

    Fuel additives causing ski to run rich?

    So I purchased my 96 sea doo gtx a couple weeks ago and did the basic tune ups to ensure everything is running properly and up to date. Part of my tune up process included mixing my fuel with an additive to remove carbon build up. I've noticed my exhaust is rather thick and white. Does the...
  5. A

    bogging-- rich?? (I think) (also slow)

    Ok, so I took my 97 gti out today. It ran good all day. It is slow (35mph). But otherwise dependable. Started flawless and idled flawless everytime. At the end of the day it started bogging on acceleration. I think it is an issue of too much oil. (pump blocked off, runs premix)(I did put more...
  6. F

    96 GTX Rev Issues RPM and Other Issue

    Hi, I've just registered on the forum, but have read around site in the past for help. I have a few issues with my 1996 Seadoo GTX (787cc engine) which i will list below. My first issue is a revving problem. Some possibly related background: I recently took off the carbs and choke...
  7. T

    2000 XP carburetor problem??

    Ok, the prblem I'm having is that when I first put the ski in the water it will run fine for about 5-10 minutes. (And by fine I mean it jumps out of the water and I can push 60-65 mph) After which, at about 4000 RPM it will start cutting out and bogging down. If I keep the throttle at full...