1. mxrider9239

    93 xp revving??

    heys guys, went out they other week and flipped the ski. after that it started up fine no problems...shortly after that i shut it off and tried starting it again and it was pretty difficult. once it started it would bog if i gave it a little gas and almost die out until it reached about have...
  2. H

    97 Speedster Acceleration Issue

    Hi, What does it mean when I accelerate, then at about 4000RPM, both engines jump up to about 6000 but I don't go anywhere. I don't really know much about how the boat works, but as a car analogy, it seems like it's "slipping out of gear". It was working fine a while ago, then I went...
  3. M

    96 GTI revs but no power

    After i took my 96 GTI off a 3 foot wave it began to run like sh**. If you punch full throttle at a dead stop you hear the engine revving(slightly higher pitched revving then normal) but there is little to no propulsion. If you let off a little, it will pick up and go and you can "baby" it into...