1. hawker

    GTi 130 - 2009 don"t start!

    Hi!! I charger my battery and after the charger is full, i start the engine and Works about 30 seconds and turnoff. In next day, when i tray to start, all is normal, pump, panel, beeps, no erros displaying, but when i try to start, nothing occours! Just the pump starts. The fuses and relays...
  2. mahdian

    2009 RXT 255 iS main power relay not working to start

    Hi, I have trouble with my PWC. I have 2009 RXT 255 iS that i could not start its engine. After opening fuse box, one of boxes contains some water in the box and many of fuses have oxide on fuse connections. I clean the whole box properly. But after all of these things, when i connect the...
  3. T

    starting issue, no power to 30 amp relay.

    its a 2008 GTI SE 155. I cant get a wiring diagram. The ski was acting finicky and I noticed problems with the small 30 amp relay in the smaller fuse box. I have a bunch of sea-doos and every once in a while nothing will happen when you put in the key. Just pulling an re-seating this relay...
  4. H

    97 seadoo xp keeps turning over

    so i recently got a new starter relay for my 1997 seadoo xp, went to start it after winter and it wants to keep turning over when i am not pushing the starter button, and the lanyard is disconnected? any ideas?
  5. S

    2007 RXT won't start, beeps, click, buzz

    I hope you experienced guys can help. After changing oil, filter, coolant, plugs, and charging 1-year old battery, it just clicks. Starter not turning. Beeps OK. Gauges readout OK. It says MAINT and compass direction back and forth. Main relay buzzes. It started fine just before and...
  6. C

    Starter solenoid help!

    Can someone give me a step by step on replacing the started solenoid/relay on an '06 GTI 4-tec? Disconnecting battery, actual replacement of the solenoid, reconnecting battery etc... I'm sure I could manage, but I don't want to fry anything like an idiot. Plus the reassurance is nice when...
  7. Michael211_2000

    Starter relay... click, click click! :-(

    Ok so it was starting fine late last October when I winterized it and put it up for the winter season.... now though, it takes 5 to 6 pushes of the Start/Stop button to get the starter to engage (click, click, click, click, click, click, vrrrrmmm!). Battery is good, new last Fall and had Battery...