pump housing

  1. L. Dean Ficarro

    RESTO GSXL parts compatibility

    97.5 GSXL & 99 GSXL Can the 97.5 pump mount on the 99 hull without major surgery? (I don’t mind changing the pumpshoe if i have to) Previous butcher (owner) literally cut sponsons out of the 97.5 hull and took the pump off the 99. Now im working on rebuilding a whitepiped 99 motor and trying to...
  2. hyper82mustang

    whats interchacheable?

    just boughht this machine, looks great even sounds greta....it has no impeller or pump ass3embly, just drive shaft. my question is what years and makes are interchangeable, recommend new or used, where best place for new or used lol....its a 4strokes injection. i have a liceneced auto repair and...
  3. A

    2003 GTX SC Questions

    Hello, I have an 03 GTX SC stock. I want more speed. Im getting cavitation out of the hole when pulling tubes etc. Im sure the wear ring is shot with the stock plastic pump housing. Im hearing mixed reviews on performance when upgrading to the aluminum pump housing with alot saying you lose...
  4. gtr86

    2000 GTI 717 Wear ring and impeller install in Central IL

    Have a 2000 GTI and we are doing a pump maintenance, new impeller and wear ring replacement, we removed all parts and had the drive shaft straightened too as it was bent, old impeller and rough and wear ring was bad too. We are putting it all back together and when we tried to tighten down the...
  5. S

    Pump Housing Screws Falling Out

    Here is my problem... I have an 06 seadoo Wake with 40 hours on it. I have had wear ring problems since day one. About every 8-10 hours the seadoo starts to cavitate and loose top end speed. Every time we take back to the dealer they say the wear ring is shot. We get it replaced and it...