propulsion loss

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    Engine running high but no propulsion

    Hi, I just put my 2013 Seadoo GTR into the water for the first time this year (living in Sweden) and everything is running as it should (I just changed battery) but when I pull for some acceleration the engine just run high but non or very littler effect comes out of the water jet. The water...
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    Been a bumpy start

    Hello all, I was asked to purchase 2 skis from my brother in law as he was passing away. I always wanted one, so I jumped in since they were supposed to be "lake ready". (1995 & 1996 SPX's) Well they sat outside for almost a year, more than a year, who knows and today it's 118 outside...
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    1996 Sead GTX Propulision problems

    Hi, I just bought two 1996 GTX Seadoos. I took one of them out on the lak on Sunday and it ran good for about 20-30 minutes. I was able to get it up to full speed. After I felt comfertable on the seadoo I started making a S patern in the water / fish tailing the seadoo at a slow speed. The...
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    No power transfer

    The problem with my 1990 seadoo SP is that, while the engine is seemingly running at a perfectly normal idle speed and will perform perfectly well after warmed up for a sufficient amount of time, the last time that it was in use, suddenly it ceased any propulsion. the engine still runs fine...