problem bogging

  1. R

    2022 Seadoo rxtx 300 P0106 code?

    Hello everyone , looking for some assistance for a problem I just recently occurred . Recently I bought a 2022 Seadoo rxtx 300 with 0 hours . Went to go take It for its first ride and start the break in period . About 15 min later when applying throttle @6500 rpm’s a fault came up p0106. ski...
  2. DJ Dome

    Running on choke problem.. PLEASE HELP ME!

    Hey guys. I been working on my 1994 seadoo xp all summer trying to fix the carburetor/fuel problems. I followed everything to a T on this site. I rebuilt my carbs, changed all my fuel lines, changed check valves, brand new fuel filter canaster, new fuel selector, new plugs, new rectifier, new...
  3. J

    2011 gti se 130 ** fuel injector failure**

    I was out on my ski, when it started boggin down. It was acting really strange. Dealer tells me the fuel injectors arent injecting correctly. Middle cylinder was firing at all, and the others had sporatic ocisiliscope readings. My ski only has 60 hours on it, all dealer service records. And...
  4. G

    01 seadoo rx bogging problem

    Hi, I have a 01 seadoo rx. I just took it out for the first time. From a stop you can't give it over about 20% throttle or it boggs down and will even die. After or if it gets the rpm's up it runs great. Also if you let it idle for about 30 secs before taking off it will sometimes work fine. Can...