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  1. Caljpatt

    1997 GTX Project

    I’ve got two ‘97 GTX’s. Ones got bottom end issues and the other leaks oil into the cylinders. I just got the leaky one yesterday. Leaky one needs a starter so me and dad got the one off of the seized one. To make sure the starter worked, I tried it on the seized one, with the head already off...
  2. I

    96 seadoo xp 800 cylinder replacement?

    So there is a man on Craigslist who is selling a 96 xp 800 with a "burnt down cylinder" and he said it would be a fast fix. He is selling for 600. Would it be a hard or stupid risk? I'm very new to problems of this caliber so please, work with me. If anyone could explain it to me in depth for...
  3. R

    90 seadoo troubles please help anyone

    Hi I have a 90 seadoo so that I got a set for 100 bucks one works great the other though starts every time but won't stay running its getting gas and like I said does start but just die's right out in 5 sec can anyone point me in the right way here, I am a mechanic by trade but this is my first...