1. Bowser

    FOR SALE SeaDoo Rotax 717 720 Exhaust Head

    SeaDoo Rotax 717 720 Exhaust Head Exhaust head condition: fair-good, usual light wear on surface. Hose nozzles firm. OEM P/N: 274000148 $55 + shipping Please refer to pictures for inspection of condition with zoom Includes original fastening screws, washer, T-tube, and gasket Genuine...
  2. masterjam

    1991 GT - can't remove tuned pipe

    I have a 1991 GT with the yellow 587 motor. I can't get it to turn over, even with a new fully-charged battery. I tested solenoid and start switch: Start switch (0.7 Ω when pressed) Solenoid - closes when start switch activated (1.7 Ω across secondary terminals with solenoid closed) Since...
  3. S

    2005 Seadoo GTI 720 Pipe Compatible / Swap

    Just bought my first ski. It is a 2005 Seadoo GTI 720. the tuned pipe is corroded and has sprung a hole (same spot as many I have seen). The pipe is quite corroded I would probably be better getting a used pipe on ebay. What years / models are compatible with a 2005 Seadoo GTI 720? Just...
  4. M

    2003 rxdi pipe overheating

    Ok guys, I have an interesting problem. I think I know whats wrong, but sure would like a second opinion. The RX was running just fine, I just happened to catch a slight burning smell when it came in for a rider change. I popped the seat and the lower pipe was smoking, started to melt the rubber...
  5. M

    96 xp pipe removal

    Hi guys! can anyone tell me how to get the the pipe out of a 96 xp/787 without splitting it? I hate realigning those things. The engine compartment is pretty tight and the pipe doesn't seem to want to come out in one piece. Will it come if I put the exhaust manifold also? Thanks in advance.
  6. gerallison

    Water inside pipe, is it a problem?

    Hi, I have a 2002 XP which I recently had the engine rebuilt, installing the pipe I had a problem with the clamp which I could not tight correctly and I had a exhaust leak, also I notice a little water is coming out of inside the pipe, I had all new gaskets, I wounder if this is an important...
  7. K

    Pipe support missing.. 951 bad news?

    Hey guys.. I bought a 99 GSXL just before summer, and the ski has been nothing but trubble so far. but since i joined the forum I have learned a lot, thanks to you guys! and I am now fixing all the issues that this ski has (gray lines, carb rebuild, ect.) and I hope it will be ready next...