1. R

    2022 Seadoo rxtx 300 P0106 code?

    Hello everyone , looking for some assistance for a problem I just recently occurred . Recently I bought a 2022 Seadoo rxtx 300 with 0 hours . Went to go take It for its first ride and start the break in period . About 15 min later when applying throttle @6500 rpm’s a fault came up p0106. ski...
  2. Nickname

    2009 RXT IS 255 problems

    Recently I bought a 2009 RXT IS from a guy on craigslist. ski had 63 hours and 7 years old. ski had about 2 or 3 light abrasions on the hull, not scratches, and you could tell it was beached a few times in it's lifetime (bottom of hull wasn't glossy, more of a smooth matte color amd texture)...
  3. T

    P1106, unlisted P codes from newer ski's.

    Anybody know what a P1106 is, I can't find it listed anywhere. What's the deal with all these new P codes not being listed. I've found my 2011 any newer machines keep throwing codes that are not referenced by any troubleshooting material I can find online. I'm getting p1106 and p0106. I...
  4. B

    Rxt-x 260 2010 computer issues

    Hi everyone, so basically i was out riding my 2010 rxt-x 260 today, it has 52 hours on it and has always worked great. until today when i was driving it out on my lake, and the check engine light came on. also this had happened the day before and we took it to the dealer and they said it was...