oil pressure switch

  1. J

    2015 RXT x oil pressure switch location

    Can anyone tell me where the oil pressure switch is located on a 2015 rxtx 260?
  2. joeyd0315

    Oil Pressure issues

    HI there, got a 2007 GTI SE given to me with unknown issues. it was running fine for a few weeks until i tried pulling a tube with a kid. Then got a 1520 code and OIL lamp, with long beep. Limp mode back home. Oil level was at top bend. Engine compartment was very hot so presumed some type...
  3. TheCharlieB

    2010 gtx 155 low oil pressure

    Hello, New to the forum, and hoping for a miracle ... I have a 2010 GTX 155, with only 26 hours on it, I bought it brand new 2 years ago, right out of the crate. Back in June, I was riding and the low oil pressure light came on, then proceeded to go into limp mode. I took the...
  4. B

    2009 255 RXT iS Oil Pressure Switch - Updated Part Number

    I can't seem to find an answer to a question about the oil pressure switch. Apparently the part number has changed and I want to make sure I don't need an adapter or any other parts to replace the switch. The old part number was 420856532 and the new on is 420856533. At a glance it looks like...
  5. S

    P1202 Fault code

    Pulled a P1202 code yesterday on my 2002 GTX 4Tec. everything i have researched tells me i should replace the oil separator pressure switch providing the tops valve is working. The tops valves clicks when you attach the lanyard (indicating it has opened). any suggestions or experiences with this...
  6. T

    Trouble shooting 04 rxp check engine light with no codes

    Hi I took my 04 rxp out yesterday rode it for about 5-10 mins then check engine came on and then went into limp mode. Tried to Check the engine codes nothing came up just end. I think it could be oil pressure switch??
  7. D

    rought idle and low rpm surge on 2003 seadoo sportster 4 tec nonSC

    New to this forum. Seems incredibly helpful. Alot of very knowledgeable folks out there. New owner of a used sportster. 2003 4tec nonSC. Live in Florida, salt water. Had a mechanic inspect. good compression all cylinders, no visible engine problems. Ran fine on hose, though loud. First run...