oil light

  1. S

    Picked up a near mint 1997 XP, couple of questions

    Hey everyone, I picked up a 1997 Sea-Doo XP with vts onboard, beautiful machine very fast you’ll get real wet! I took it for two rides and noticed two issues, first I can ignore and don’t care about, second is probably crucial to the health of the ski. 1. Speedometer doesn’t work, owner...
  2. N

    Check engine and oil light comes on P0524

    Have a 2021 230 GTR. Had it winterized/serviced/oil change at the end of last season by dealer. Upon putting it back on the water this year it immediately threw a check engine light. When the rpms would get above 2500 or so it would throw the oil light and go into limp mode and states to stop...
  3. J

    Sea-Doo Challenger Oil Light coming on

    My Oil Light has been coming on. The big tank is not feeding the small tank. I have been refilling the small tank while on the water and that helps. What can I do to fix this problem? James
  4. Westside


    Hello from Seattle! I recently purchased a 2001 GTS from a family member. Have been using it occasionally the past two Summers, and now I have it 100% of the time. Of course, the years past it has run great and first time taking it out after getting the title I have a minor issue. The oil...
  5. A

    1993 GTX oil light

    I have a 1993 gtx and the oil light does funny things. It is off at low-mid RPM's and then flickers or is on when at high RPM's. My oil tank is on the bottom half, but my question is......Is the light for oil pressure in the motor, or oil tank low? I thought 2 strokes didn't have "oil pressure...
  6. Kevinsnan

    1997 GTI oil dial not working + other questions

    Hi all, I have a 1997 GTI that goes really well. I have noticed now the oil dial on above the handle bars isnt working. The oil seems to be going down from the sump not at a huge rate but still going down so unsure of the issue, again the light does work on the dial but the dial its self...