oil injection pump

  1. J

    Tuning a Oil Injector - 1992 Seadoo SP

    Hello all! I'm working on another project, a 1992 Seadoo SP. It runs pretty good, but not as good as I would like. I took it out to the lake yesterday and it bogs slightly when giving it a bit of throttle from a stop. I'm pretty sure it is the oil injector though because on the oil injector for...
  2. Barnsnelbon

    oil injection vs pre mix

    Hi so i have a 95 xp, i want to do something with the oil injection pump because iv read on here they are not reliable. Should i replace it with a new pump or should i just get a block off kit and run premix? also how hard is it the replace it or do the block off kit? what are the pros and cons...
  3. C

    oil injection

    ok so as i was putting my carb back on and connecting the cables i noticed on the cable that is connected from the thottle cable mount to the mount on the oil injector wont spring back. so if you hook it up, pull the throttle wide open the arm swings like it should to wide open and would be...
  4. M

    Need Help Finding a Part!

    I have a 1992 Seadoo SP, single carb, 587 motor and I need to find a spring for my oil injection pump. It is part #29 on the diagram. http://www.imagessite.com/OEM_Images/seadoo_images/5805B10.gif Much appreciated! -Matt
  5. C

    2001 gti oil injection setup

    can anyone help me ive got a 2001 gti and im having trouble setting up the oil injection pump. I have just rebuilt the engine but i am stuck on how to setup the oil injection pump and the position of the thin metal plate that spins between the pump and the block please help!!thanks