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  1. T

    1997 Seadoo GSX Wont Start Some Times?

    Hello, So I have a 1997 seadoo gsx with a 787cc engine and it was running well up till last year. I just redid the carburetors, got a new starter solenoid and battery. I have also checked both the ground and other wiring. So the problem is when I plug in the key there is no beep for one, but all...
  2. S

    No spark for 99 GSX RFI

    Backstory: Bought the machine last spring, was working beautifully. Took it out on the water a couple of times. By the third outing, it was having trouble keeping an idle. By the 5th, it would unexpectedly roll back from full power to stalling mid run. I thought that it was a combination of...
  3. D

    VTS on 06 RXP goes up but not down!

    Hey guys, new to the fourm, looked like the best place to get some help. I have a 2006 RXP and ever since ive owned it the VTS has not worked. I took out the VTS motor and replaced it with a working one, that didnt seem to work. I replaced the button with a working one, had no luck with that...
  4. Brholwer

    Both 1996 Seadoo xp and spx gas gauge does not work.

    Both of my seadoos gas gauge don't work they just have the gas light on constantly, any idea whats wrong with them?