1. stwings

    Newest noob

    Hi all, Noob here. I just bought a 2019 Seadoo GTR 230. I pick it up on Saturday. I’m looking forward to a ton of fun this summer. We own a 2018 Manitou 25‘ SHP tri toon w/ a 300 ETEC G2 on it And it’s been tons of fun. Now I’m adding to the fun factor. My thought being the GTR would be...
  2. D

    1st time PWC owner - What to do before I take them out? (lots of questions)

    Bought 2 PWC for cheap, not running as they had been sitting for 12 years. I have since rebuilt the carbs, ran new fuel lines, changed spark plugs, re-covered seats, and cleaned em. That's it. They both run pretty damn good, wish I had seen the carb rebuild sticky here before hand but things...
  3. R

    Noob- 1995 Seadoo GTS Help!!!!

    ok, so i lied. I am not technically a noob. I've been riding seadoos my whole life. However, this is the first time i am actually doing the work and the maintenance myself. So here is the low down! I just bought a 1995 GTS it hasnt been used in at least 2 1/2 years. Obviously it needs some...
  4. N

    Buying Advice...04 RXP or 06 RXT ????

    I've been bitten by the bug again. I've searched a bit and I've found a couple of options. I'm seeking some counsel on which direction to go. 2004 RXP with 60 hrs for $5K or 2006 RXT with 80 hrs for $6K. Both come with single galvanized trailers and are fresh water, one owner skis...
  5. S

    need 1994 seadoo oil

    does anyone know where i can get the oil for it. can i order it online or do i have to go to a boat shop. and is it true i can only use seadoo brand oil.