need 1994 seadoo oil

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does anyone know where i can get the oil for it. can i order it online or do i have to go to a boat shop. and is it true i can only use seadoo brand oil.
no you can use other oil.
If you want seadoo oil go to the closest marine store or seadoo dealer.
Seadoo brand oil is manufactured by Penzoil and is double the price of Amsoil synthetic 2 stroke oil. I use nothing but Amsoil synthetic 2 stroke oil in my 97 XP, and their marine gear lube for the pump. If you want to purchase the best synthetic 2 stroke oil on the market get in touch with me and I'll give you my contact info. Your ski will last longer, run cooler and you'll go further on a tank of gas than you will using the Seadoo brand oil, not to mention you'll be able to buy twice as much oil for the same amount of money you're already spending.
I just purchased a couple gallons of the HP Interceptor of the Amsoil website. I have a 1996 Challenger. I have been using the Seadoo Synthetic. I still have about a half tank of the Seadoo oil. Do I need to completely drain the Seadoo Oil prior to adding the Amsoil? Or will they mix just fine?
Half a tank of injector oil usually lasts 2 tanks of gas (if you have one engine like my 97 XP does). If you have twin engines it will probably only last one more tank of gas, and you can just refill the oil tank when you refill the gas tank.

There won't be any problem mixing the two oils, AMSOIL is compatible with all petroluem and synthetic oils.

Some might laugh after reading this post, all the talk about AMSOIL, which is the best high performance oil money can buy. But for me, availability is key.

I have used the Quicksilver "Full Synthetic" in my 97 model 787's for the last couple years. Internals are clean as a whistle. The oil is a low ash, non NMMA, non TCW-3 oil. I buy it by the gallon.

If you were going to use the Quicksilver, I would recommend the "blended" for your model. Read the back label, it'll say it's approved by BRP to be safe for your Seadoo. The oil is in the automotive section, not the sporting good side.

Make sure you read the label though, because Quicksilver makes TCW-3 oils too.........:cheers:

I use the recommended Seadoo oil for my 1996 challanger - its about 127.00 for 3 gals.

This season I used about 4 gals. - 12 to 14 days of boating april to end sept.

I use about 30 oz per tank full of gas.

After I had my carbs rebuilt my gas per hr increased about 20 to 25%

I think my take holds about 25 to 27 gals. But not sure.

When I'm usually out for the day I run top speed for 4 to 5 hrs.

So I usually use about 14 to 17 gals per day of running.

For gas and oil each day of boating fun is about $50.00
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