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    1995 Spi issue

    Hey, just joined this forum and purchased a 1995 Spi last month as a summer project. I took it for a test ride and it went about 40 mph just fine, with seemingly no issues, other than a battery that needed to be charged before every use. I had the ski sitting for about 2 weeks while I was giving...
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    Hello fellow seadoo'ers

    I have been reading the information in this forum for some time now and really appreciate that people will take the time to try and help resolve problems others have. I have been dogged with an issue on one of my 1997 GTX's for many years and the dealer has now refused to work on a 2-stroke pwc...
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    Need Help! 05 Seadoo RXP - top speed 5 mph!

    Hi everyone, I am hoping to get some good advice. I am not a mechanic nor do I know anything about repairs just to say first off. I have a 05 Seadoo RXP with about 75 hours on it. We only used it a couple times a year and kept it in good shape otherwise. It was last ran in April 2011 and ran...
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    95 XP No accelerate until jump and impeller gets out of water

    I have a 95 XP that have the carb rebuilt all gray lines replaced, fuel selector cleaned, etc. Has a fairly new Solas and wear ring and a Factory Pipe. It has sluggish acceleration and goes about 1/2 speed. If you can jump it a little and get the impeller out of the water and wound up it goes...