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  1. S

    Hello from Minnesota

    New to the forum but not Seadoo. Bought a '96 Speedster 4 yrs ago and have been visiting your forum off and on for answers on the problems that arise. You probably won't hear from me much because there always seems to be others asking the questions I need answers for so I can stay silent and...
  2. B

    I guess this is where you say hello...

    I feel old school...never been on any forums and it's not for want of conversation but as many, I am sure, to find some help with a problem with my Seadoo. Live in Upper Michigan and though we are buried in snow for 6 months and thaw out for 3 and preview winter for 2 months in the fall, we...
  3. J

    New Guy Trying To TroubleShoot.

    Okay So I bought a 1996 XP and a 1996 SPI a while back and the SPI had been rode alot and the XP had no scratches or dings or chips in paint. seems flawless and guy said he never had it out much! The spi started having starter problems but the XP always ran fine just a dang gas hog. Anyways on...
  4. D

    New Member with Questions! Thanks everyone!

    Hello everyone, new to the site but ive seen a lot of good advice posted so i figured i would join. My problem - I have a seadoo- Gtx Ltd that i recently took apart for the 4th or 5th ( engine out- not inside engine). Cleaned everything and replaced the fuel lines. Once i reassembled it i...
  5. J

    New To This and Have NO Clue How to Use These Forums

    I have a question that I hope someone has an answer to but I have NO clue how to ask it. Please Help
  6. govprof

    Picking up our first pwc on Sat. 08rxt-x

    Hi everybody, Tomorrow my wife and I leave for Cedarsburg Wisconsin to pick up our new '08 RXT-X. Yes, it's a NOS '08 with zero hours from Cedar Creek Motor Sports. We've been researching and looking at PWC with the intent to buy so we did our homework and now I just can't wait to get it...