new boater

  1. U

    Curious about blower life?

    I went and bought a 2007 Seadoo Challenger 180, when I got there the blower was working. The fellow I bought it from said he accidentally left it on too long, shut the blower off then started up the engine, motor ran well. I bought the boat brought it home and now the blower won't work. I'm...
  2. RepNJ

    Newbie needing advice on 02 Islandia purchase

    Hello! I’ve been stalking the threads for a few hours now because I’m interested in buying a 2002 Islandia - Mercury Powerhead 240 HP two stroke. $4500 The catch is, the ad states “NEEDS NEW MOTOR/ powerhead needs replaced” and that’s honestly the extent of the information. I grew up driving...
  3. N

    1999 Seadoo Speedster / First Boat?

    Hello all, I have been shopping around for a bit for a Seadoo jet boat. I have settled on the 99 speedster style for the better seat types and the dual engines. I went out to view one today and it was actually in pretty decent shape. He started it up for me and everything seemed great. At least...
  4. J

    NEW OWNER. need help

    so i just bought a 2004 seadoo sportster!! :) the boat is in great shape and im very excited to use it in the spring! i was just at a boat show and a guy told me the shifter should move easily and freely. well my shifter doesnt move at all, im scared ill break it! right now the battery is out...
  5. S

    new boater advice please

    Hey guys I'm a new boater just bought my first boat hear it's a blast.. I gotta 96 sea Doo challenger.. Just wondering if there nething I should know ... Also looking to hear some good important tips to maintaing my boat well:. Ic it's very important... Keep in mind I'm new so explain in dummy...