mpem problems

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    Blown MPEM.

    I have 2003 XPDI 951 with blown 20 amp bat fuse. Dealer says needs MPEM. Can I just drop in new MPEM and go? I don't know what caused old MPEM to blow. Never jump started. The ski just died out on the lake when rider fell off and lanyard was pulled. Is it likely the MPEM just blew or did...
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    1996 720GS turns over consistently

    Hello, Im new to this forum but I will try and do the best I can to describe my problem. I have a 1996 Seadoo 720GS that has just recently gotten back from getting everything fixed at a local mechanic shop. The guy who was doing the work has had a shop for the past 20 years and had good reviews...
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    1996 seadoo speedster mpem fix.

    I had a bad mpem, it kept blowing the 5amp fuse, i attained a complete wiring diagram and can make it available, all that i need to convert the system was 2bombardier electric start key switches (solenoid position), 2 tether kill switches, 3 inline fuse blocks, ring wire connectors, female tab...
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    No beeps challenger 100

    No beeps challenger 1800 Im in Denmark and we have problem getting our seadoo problems fixed there is not so many. I have a seadoo challenger 1999 with 2 engines. I have seen another that have the same problem as me so it paste his describtion here belove. he´s better in writing english then...
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    Seadoo XP problems

    I own a 1995 Seadoo XP it hasn't ran in three years, but when it did it would run fine for maybe 30 seconds then bog down and die. I'm thinking its the electrical box (MPEM) but i don't know. Anyone have any ideas?! thanks