1. R

    4-Tec "Cold Air Intake" ...pros and cons?

    I have a 2008 RXT 215 and a 2003 GTX 4-Tec SC. I have done most every inexpensive mod to increase speed/performance (no engine/supercharger mods) and it's given me a little more speed and rpm's. RXT hits 7950+/- RPM and about 72-73MPH on the stock speedo with a full tank of gas and two adults...
  2. A

    Australian SeaDoo 1800 Rebuild/Restore

    First of all G'day, Love the Forum! Its already been a big help and inspiration. Bought the hull with water damaged engines for what feels like way too much but remember stuff down here coast more. Pictures speak louder than words with things like this.
  3. S

    Air Intake replacement Speedster 150 2007

    Good Day, Thats my second post in seadoo fourms, and i hope you guys can help me with my problems, Boat: seadoo Speedster 150, 215 SCIC 2007 i did some air intake modification on the boat, and now im facing a problem with the rectifier / regulator as its not cooling down from the old air...
  4. M

    1996 XP Cosmetic Modifications

    Hey! I'm new to the SeaDoo Forum and am currently doing some cosmetic touch-ups. I have a 1996 SeaDoo XP. I've already taken the pink decals off because I thought that they were kind of ugly. Also, I have taken the handlebar cover off and I've painted the handlebars black. I put a bar across...
  5. M

    Performance mods to 94 SP?

    Hey all, What kind of modifications can I make to my 94 SP to improve its performance? -Marc
  6. S

    Custom Speaker Installation -2001 Seadoo Challenger 1800

    I just installed a Fusion IPOD playing head unit in my 2001 Seadoo Challenger 1800 and two 6.5" Poly Planar speakers (had to enlarge the hole from the factory 5" speakers). What I want to do now is install some more speakers but am a little unsure of where. I could get some smaller...
  7. C

    1998 SeaDoo GSX Limited 951_Modification

    Hey everyone, I just joined the forum and I was hoping to get some of your expert help. I just bought a 98 GSX Limited with 72 hours on it. It currently doesn't run properly in that, the only way to keep it running is to choke it again and again. It seems the low speed jet in the carb...
  8. S. Jones

    Seadoo 2004 3D - Better Intake Grate?

    Has anybody got recommendations for entry-level modifications (<$600) for a 2004 Seadoo 3D? Do they make a noticable difference in performance? I heard changing the intake grate gives a little better performance... I am riding Lake Michigan so focus would be on accelleration and handling...