1. Bowser

    FOR SALE SeaDoo Rotax 717 720 Oil Injector Assembly

    SeaDoo Rotax 717 720 Oil Injector Assembly Assembly condition: good Oil Pump Flanged P/N: 290 810 781 Rotary Valve Cover P/N: 290 810 528 Oil Pump Assembly P/N: 290 996 725 Original O-ring condition fair. P/N: 293 300 023 Mounting Screws condition: very good, new stainless steel lock washers...
  2. YellowSeadoo2003

    Advice required on how to lubricate 2003 Sportster LE Boat Throttle Cable

    Hi Guys Yesterday was the first time out in the boat since last season and the throttle jammed. I have checked my Operator's Guide Book but I can not find a diagram showing where and how to lubricate the throttle cable. Do you have to remove the 4 screws holding the throttle lever to...
  3. Erik of Montreal

    Spraying Bombardier Lube in Air Intake Silencer?

    Hey guys, I was just skimming my 2002 GTX DI manual as I do at the beginning of every year and noticed that Bombardier recommends adding their spray lubricant in the Air Intake Silencer. Ahhh, I've never, ever, done this. Do you guys? If so, whoops. How often I am supposed to be doing...
  4. Q

    1999 gtx rfi engine problem

    This ski would crank up and run great in the water for about 10 minutes, then die. Try to restart and it would crank very slowly and not fire up. Took it to local Seadoo dealer who said one of the cylinders was scuffed, and after running for a while, piston was seizing up in this cylinder; he...