locked up

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    2002 RXDI - engine locked

    A guy gave me a RXDI with a locked up engine. I can’t decide whether to try and rebuild it, part it out, or forget about it. Any thoughts from you guys would be appreciated.
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    1998 GTI engine trouble

    I need some direction on what to do next on my 1998 GTI. I had it on the lake and it was running as well as it ever had. Heading back to the beach after a 40 min ride at full speed, I made a sharp turn and then idled back to the beach. It stalled before I got to shore and I couldn't restart...
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    1999 Challenger 1800 locked up

    I'm a total newbie so be gentle. My buddy is helping me. When I hit the ignition on the port motor I get nothing but a click and the fly wheel would not spin. We have just torn the motor down. Everything looks ok but the motor would still not turn over. We disconnected the starter and the motor...
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    2000 gtx seadoo millenium oil problems

    Was wondering if your still around on the forum... I've got a 2000 millenium gtx - rfi motor that locks up with oil in the cylinder. It does fine when run more often that every week. It was a recent rebuild and ran great the first year... after sitting i tried to start it, it was froze... got a...