1. H

    1997 GTX Project/ Rebuild

    Hi All, Was browsing marketplace and came across what I think is a 1997 GTX. It was abandoned at a rental property, but it was cheap, has no hull damage. Does anyone have a resource for a service manual? On my list so far: Power Wash Keys Missing (trip to dealer and dess coding) Compression...
  2. N

    How do I know if i'm using a learners key?

    ok so I recently did a top end rebuilt on a sea doo 2000 RX I have been babying it for about 7 hours and i finally decided it was time to open up the throttle and see what it could do. To my surprise I was only able to get up to 40-42 MPG and 5,500 RPM before it bogged down back to 39-40 mph and...
  3. M

    97 GTX 787 MPEM diode

    I have researched a bunch and admit i measure twice and cut once. I have seen pics and diagrams of a lot of machines but not a 97 GTX. I have sene all kinds of opinions where to find the diode. The one i want to believe most is holding the MPEM ,with the fuses to the top one inch to the right...
  4. govprof

    2010 RXT-X Smart Key/Ignition Post

    My 36 hour 2010 RXT-X frequently beeps once instead of twice when the key is placed on the ignition post and the ski "wakes-up". When this happens, the guages "wake-up" but nothing happens when the start button is pressed. Remove the smart key and re-install and it may or may not beep twice...
  5. B

    gtx key bypass

    anyone know how to get rid of that damn poor design of a post and key. I have 31 hours and have nothing but problems with the post and key making a connection to start the seadoo. there must be a way to bypass that code and put in the old fashion ring or clip so when you fall off the boat stops...