1. R

    2001 GTX800 Stalling In Water

    2001 GTX800 Injection, engine runs good when not in water only water hose connected(or not), but when you put in water at idle speed after 30sec to a minute rpm drops and engine stalls, can restart engine but same thing happens. If i start and put it in forward/reverse and give throttle i can go...
  2. hyper82mustang

    whats interchacheable?

    just boughht this machine, looks great even sounds has no impeller or pump ass3embly, just drive shaft. my question is what years and makes are interchangeable, recommend new or used, where best place for new or used lol....its a 4strokes injection. i have a liceneced auto repair and...
  3. Cheflen

    Best injection oil

    So I don't live near anywhere that sells seadoo injection oil, and I can't seem to find any API tc low ash oil on any stores websites near me. Is there any brand oil that you guys use that isn't seadoo?
  4. M

    95 Seadoo SP Oil Pump leak/rebuild

    I removed the motor on my 95 Sp (587) to find an oil leak in the hull. After cleaning the motor, it looks like the leak is coming from the oil injection pump. Looking to get a rebuild kit and o rings (parts 1,6, and 41 in pic) and was wondering if anyone has any experience rebuilding them. I...
  5. Shane0524

    oil injection pump sync question?

    I got my ski running great now after a mess with a carb rebuild, I had one of the little hinge pins from the needle arm not correctly in its slot and it was causing a leak. It's just A Bit rich on oil though. When you set the oil pump lines, where should the throttle position be? I set the lines...
  6. benstoker

    Testing Oil Injection

    Hey guys. I am in need or some more help. I stripped down the motor and whatnot for rebuilding purposes but before I put the RV cover and carbs back on, I would like to test my oil injection to make sure it's working properly. Is there a standard way I should do this? Have any of you all...
  7. C

    converting 95 gtx to premix

    i am trying to convert my gtx to premix following kustomkarl's instrictions which are ""Take the injector pumo off...remove the plastic shaft and replace the oil pump. With the shaft removed it won't burn up the pump from lack of lube from the passing oil in the injector. Remove the line going...