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    98 gsx limited impeller condition

    I'm about to rebuild the jet pump on my 98 gsx limited and put in a new wear ring. My question is if I need to get my impeller repaired before I put in the new wear ring. You can see the damage in the pictures and its not too bad but I didn't know if it would be out of balance and just shave...
  2. M

    RPX 255 2010 Impeller

    Hi! I bought my seadoo yesterday, and was told that I need a new impeller and ring for it. What kid of parts should I buy to replace them? I think its original parts on it now, but I am thinking of maybe replace them with some performance parts. Tips, ideas anyone? BRP Seadoo,255-rxp ,2010...
  3. X

    Impeller removal

    Dumb question number 12~ When taking off the impeller with the tool and a 12mm allen ...which direction loosens the bolt? Counter clock or righty tighty ???
  4. B

    2 different looking impellers on a speedster???

    Hello all, I just bought a 95 speedster. From a visual inspection looking into the impellers from the grate I can see that the 2 impellers are quite different from each other. One is dull and has very flat blades, it looks like the picture in the shop manual. The other has very curved blades. It...