impeller housing

  1. B

    Unknow plastic object wrapped around impeller

    Last summer we had something get stuck in one of our seadoos jet pump and we don’t know if it’s from the seadoo or if it’s something that was sucked up from the lake. We looked at the schematics and we did not see anything that looks like the remnants that where twisted up in the impeller...
  2. JoanEnric

    Impeller housing

    Hi all! I'm searching information about the impeller housing, in order to change mine by a new one. But I would like to mount the non-plastic one (if it's possible). I don't know if I can in my GTX. The stock reference is 267000269. Does anybody knows if there's a non-plastic impeller...
  3. N

    How to turn impeller to get last of pience of stuck tow rope out of 2011 GTI 300SE

    Like so many others, I ran over the tow rope. I have a GTI 130SE. What is the easiest way to get out the last piece of tow rope which is stuck in the impeller keeping it from turning. I was able to fairly easily unwrap all the rest of the rope from around the shaft without having to cut it...
  4. M

    HI All Seadoo with rocks

    Hi all. Just joined now.... I just bought a seadoo 2004 GTX super charged.. It has been rebuilt supercharger and all. When i initially took it out i experience what i recently learned to be cavitation. Its booked in for wear ring. It still did 105 kph on the water, The new problem today is...
  5. T

    location of part or serial number on jet pump?

    where can i find the model or serial or part # of a jet pump assembly to cross reference it for use on other crafts. or do u just base its compatability on size and shape? thanks
  6. T

    Sucked up ski rope in Impeller...NEED HELP!!!

    I sucked up a ski rope from an inner tube into the starboard side impeller. I can feel the rope inside, HOW THE HELL TO I GET IT OUT? Can anyone help me? DO you think I'll need a new impeller and housing??? Please respond and thanks for the advice in advance. Tvardaky