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    2011 SeaDoo RXT X with only 40 hours?????

    Hi. I am looking to buy a used PWC. For price and power I m between a 2011 SeaDoo RXT X and a 2013 GTR 215. -2011 SeaDoo RXT X: has only 40 hours. Is it possible the ECU got reset/hacked at some point? I read that supposedly if you change the cluster, the new one will still show the original...
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    Hours don't display on gauge

    My 96 Seadoo SPX doesn't display engine hours. I brought a used gauge on Ebay and it still doesn't display. When I hit the start button the display lights up where the hours should be, when goes blank. Has anyone dealt with this problem before? How do I fix, just brought new engine and would...
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    2006 Sportster hour meter

    Hi, I am trying to verify that the factory hour meter is in the computer and not readable without the service diagnostic tools. Thanks for your help.
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    97 XP optional hour meter

    I'm sure like most models our XP has a blank for a gauge just under the VTS gauge. Was there an optional gauge that was available for this model? Is it possible to add an hour meter there or anywhere else on the ski for that matter? Thanks in advance