1. k_24

    2002xp 951 c/b shaft oil level

    changed oil in my 2002 seadoo xp 951 it wasnt too bad now i'm refilling it i don't know the proper level because its impossible to see and the endoscope is shit i cant see nothing but the hole lol if i overfill it do you guys think it can cause damage ? thanks.
  2. S

    Seadoo with hole in the hull looking repair

    Hi, I have a SEA DOO with a black hull with some damage I am trying to restore. It was caused as you can see by the rubber on the front of the trailer missing, and a bolt been exposed touching against the hull. Was debating just painting with standard paint or should I use black ultra...
  3. J

    What caused this, too lean or lack of oil? Pics attached

    Short story, this engine let go about 30 minutes into the break in period..is there a way to tell if this was caused by a too lean condition or lack of oil?
  4. T

    1995 Seadoo XP Purple Pipe

    Hello, my 95 seadoo xp has a tiny hole in the purple pipe. What can I use to fix this. Thanks