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  1. Nike12000

    2015 gti 155 limited

    Just picked up a new ski a few days ago, was doing some searching looking to see if there is any upgrades that can or should be done on a ski like mine. Any ideas websites or suggestions? Help please!
  2. S

    Rough Idle, Missing - 2000 Seadoo RX 951

    Hi All, New here but loving this website, it is a great resource. I just bought a 2000 RX this winter and im trying to get it ready for the season. First test run on the lake i was only running in one cylinder and it was bogging when i would try and accelerate. If i worked the throttle i...
  3. J

    1997 seadoo sti fuel cut

    my 97 sea doo sti turns on runs idles starts up first try it idles fine when i open up the throttle build up speed but then dies out and sometimes shuts off but when it shuts off turn right back on im new to this so anything will help me :willy_nilly:
  4. S

    1992 seadoo will not start it turns over but will not run

    ok i have spark and compreshion . the 1 cyl has 125 psi and the outher one has 155 psi. the engin turns over but will not start . i had it out and it was runnig good than it just turnd off on me . i sprayed hot start in the air box not alot becouse i dont like that stuff . it didnt start .
  5. N

    1997.5 GSX Limited Bogging Out

    Hi all this is my first post and i could really use some help here! Ive got a 97.5 gsxl (yea i know) lol and i just put a freshly rebuilt 951 in last week..i replaced all of the grey fuel lines, bypassed the fuel selector switch, fresh plugs ect. and when i go out im not getting full power...ill...