1. DooWacka

    2001 GTX DI not charging - NOT Rec/Reg ?!

    The problem with the DI not charging has always been the Rectifier/Regulator for me, and most everyone. I have two 2001 GTX DI, and I have subbed the Rec/Regs around to verify they both work in the "good" DI. I measure 13.5v at idle, increasing with rpm. I even tried a new Rec/Reg I have. I...
  2. G

    2000 RXDI and GTX DI - what would you do?

    I have a pair of DI Doos that are both dead. The RX siezed last season and it looked like it just needed a new piston according to the independent shop I used. Within an hour of breaking it in this year, it blew the crank bearings all over the place. They have ofered to credit me the full...
  3. P

    2000 Millenium or 2001 GTXdi

    2000 Millenium or 2001 blue GTX Hey guys, I'm looking at two machines. A 2000 Millenium that was oversized to about ~1100cc around 15hrs ago. I really like its trim feature but it looks a little rough compared to the 2nd one which is a 2001 GTX. It's VERY clean, a 3 seaters but no trim. It...