gas leak

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    1995 Seadoo Sportster - Gas Smell and Leak

    So I recently got a used 1995 Seadoo Sportster. The one engine one. Basically, after we bought it, we found that when we fill the gas tank up all the way, gasoline (between one and two gallons), leaks out into the engine compartment and pools up. Obviously this is a bad thing. The gas appears to...
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    1997 Seadoo GTI Gas and oil found in hull.

    I have a strange problem that just started with my seadoo. I went for a ride this last week and when I got home I flushed the motor and washed the boat before I put it up in the garage. I left the house for 6 hrs and when I got home i could smell gas. Inside the ski I found gas and oil in the...
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    1997 speedster fuel leak- only when full

    In advance, thank you for your input. I have a 1997 Speedster that i bought last fall. I have on two occasions filled the tank to the top. When I do so it leaks fuel, I can't seem to find the leak. Its only when it is full. It leaks out gallon or so and then stops.. Anybody seen this or...