fuel problems

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    End result when people think they're better than the manufacturer

    Today I purchased a 96 Sea Doo XP. Everything looks and operates great!.... So to the naked eye it seemed. Apparently the previous owner thought he knew what was best as far as how the fuel/oil mixture should go. Instead of allowing the ski to mix the two fluids together as it was designed to...
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    2004 Sea Doo 200 , One engine wont start after storage for 14 months.

    Hi, hope someone can help me. Just bought an 04 200, with twin 155's. Boat hasnt been started in 14 months. fuel tank was 3/4 full when I got it so I added $40.00 bucks worth of fresh gas. Changed battery . Right side engine started up after a couple tries :thumbsup: , but left side just kept...
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    96 seadoo xp engine trouble help!!

    Ok I have a 96 xp with a 787 rotax engine. I have a weird problem... Everyone jet ski is the water and u give it full throttle it just moves slowly like idling and shakes... Every now and then I can get it to come out of the funk if I turn off the gas run it out of the engine till it dies...