96 seadoo xp engine trouble help!!

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96 GSX Beast 22

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Ok I have a 96 xp with a 787 rotax engine. I have a weird problem... Everyone jet ski is the water and u give it full throttle it just moves slowly like idling and shakes... Every now and then I can get it to come out of the funk if I turn off the gas run it out of the engine till it dies... Turn the gas back on then start the engine and give it full throttle... This only works sometimes though... Other times it will get on a plane then immediately go slow down and go into some sort of slow mode... I have Had the carbs cleaned and the fuel lines cleaned this fixed the problem for a day and the next day it was back to acting up... I even replaced the tempature sensor replaced bc sometimes when u ground it off on the engine block and let the alarm sound plug it back up it ran fine for a while I don't think it's electrical bc I can get it to come out of it every now and then... I was about to replace the fuel lines instead of cleaning them next... Please help I have no idea what I'm doing do to I have only owned it for 4 months any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks chris
How do you "Clean the fuel lines"?

If you have gray (tan) "Tempo" fuel lines still... they need changed. They are known to decay, and send green goo into the carbs, and plug them up. Since you cleaned the carbs, and it was OK for a day... I am going to say, that is your problem.

Replace all the fuel hoses, clean the fuel select valve, clean the carbs, and clean the fuel filter. that should take care of your problem.

FYI... the temp sensor in your ski doesn’t do anything other than trip the alarm... so it was just a coincidence that anything happened, other than the alarm sounding.
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